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That 240 Indian farmers produce the same amount of food as six million Americans.
That over 200 million Indians in subsistence self employment want wage employment but there are no jobs.
That Air India has 15 unions whose general secretaries and presidents are given office accommodation, telephone, a number of free passages and leave to discharge union activities.
That the world's largest restaurant chain operator, Yum! Restaurants, which runs KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in India, is looking to increase its female staff as it plans to add 15,000 employees by end 2015.
That thousands of fatigued security personnel at Indira Gandhi International Airport's T3 are coping with exhausting 15-to-18 hour workdays due to a recent order that forbids resting or even sitting down while on duty.
That 160 million women in India, 88% of whom are of working age - that is between 15 to 59 years - just remain at home doing "household duties", according to Census data.
That Tata Consultancy Services should soon become the first private sector company in India to employ more than 10,00,000 women.
That Infosys CEO designate Vishal Sikka will be the highest paid professional CEO of an Indian company who will be getting salary $5.08 million (Rs.30 crore).
That in 2013-14, all-India data show only 2,11,000 apprentices were appointed in industry, which is a negligible number considering that the workforce is growing at 12 million a year.
That China has 5,50,000 vocational institutions, training eight million people a year. India has about 6,000 such institutes, training about one million people per year.
A Complete Multi Faceted Journal - AUGUST 2015
  • An Employee can join any Employer
  • Changing Industrial Relations
  • Labour Problems & Their Solutions
    • Settlement - its duration
    • Past record relevancy for imposing punishment
    • Intimation about commencement to contract labour
    • Consent of workers on change of Management
    • Permanent activities by contract labour - permissibility of
    • Calculation of gratuity when total working days are 22
    • Average monthly wages - for calculation of gratuity
    • Leave during notice period
    • Accident arising out of employment
    • Penalties for late attendance
    • Powers of internal complaint Committees and local complaint Committee
    • ‘Sexual Harassment' Interpretation of
  • Factories Act Related Problems & Their Solutions
  • ESI Act Related Problems & Their Solutions
  • Employees' Provident Funds/Pension Related Problems & Their Solutions
  • Model Forms & Precedent
    • Pro-forma suggested for an exhaustive appointment letter (revised)
    • Pro-forma suggested for a resolution by a company in favour of an officer authorising him for legal matters/proceedings
    • Pro-forma suggested for dismissal from service of a workman against whom an enquiry has been held and the disciplinary authority has considered the proceedings and finding of the enquiry
    • Pro-forma suggested for notice to an employee absenting without obtaining leave
    • Pro-forma suggested for letter of warning to an employee for assaulting co-worker
    • Pro-forma suggested for warning letter for late coming
  • Latest Amendment & Notifications
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Instructions for deduction of TDS on withdrawal from PF (21.5.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Submission of Form 11 (New) and Seeding KYC (Know Your Customer) details in UAN (22.6.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Issue of direction under Para 78(3) of the Employees' Provident Funds Scheme, 1952 for efficient administration of the Scheme (22.6.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Mandatory Deposit of Contributions through Internet Banking (24.6.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - employers to pay statutory contributions electronically through Internet Banking only (24.6.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Social Security Agreement between Republic of India and the Republic of Austria (6.7.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation - Amendment in statutory claim settlement period to 20 days in all three schemes (13.7.2015)
    • Employees' State Insurance Corporation - One time opportunity for enrolment under ESIC Pensioners Medical Scheme (9.6.2015)
    • Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments (Amendment) Act, 2014 (1.1.2015)
  • Provident Fund Update
  • Digest of EPF Appellate Tribunal Orders
    • Until an order passed by the EPF appellate tribunal is set aside by court of law, it would remain effective
    • Inordinate delay in filing application for restoration of appeal is not maintainable
  • Case Study
  • HR Scenario
  • HR Workplace Solutions

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