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That 240 Indian farmers produce the same amount of food as six million Americans.
That over 200 million Indians in subsistence self employment want wage employment but there are no jobs.
That Air India has 15 unions whose general secretaries and presidents are given office accommodation, telephone, a number of free passages and leave to discharge union activities.
That the world's largest restaurant chain operator, Yum! Restaurants, which runs KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in India, is looking to increase its female staff as it plans to add 15,000 employees by end 2015.
That thousands of fatigued security personnel at Indira Gandhi International Airport's T3 are coping with exhausting 15-to-18 hour workdays due to a recent order that forbids resting or even sitting down while on duty.
That 160 million women in India, 88% of whom are of working age - that is between 15 to 59 years - just remain at home doing "household duties", according to Census data.
That Tata Consultancy Services should soon become the first private sector company in India to employ more than 10,00,000 women.
That Infosys CEO designate Vishal Sikka will be the highest paid professional CEO of an Indian company who will be getting salary $5.08 million (Rs.30 crore).
That in 2013-14, all-India data show only 2,11,000 apprentices were appointed in industry, which is a negligible number considering that the workforce is growing at 12 million a year.
That China has 5,50,000 vocational institutions, training eight million people a year. India has about 6,000 such institutes, training about one million people per year.
A Complete Multi Faceted Journal - APRIL 2015
  • Current Scenario Labour & HR 
  • Gujarat Amendment Bill Bans Strikes
  • Deceptive Notifications on EPF Administrative & Other Charges
  • Employees' Pension Scheme vis-à-vis National Pension Scheme
  • Case Study
  • Labour Problems & Their Solutions
    • Transfer of a daily-wager
    • Jurisdiction of Civil Court in granting reinstatement
    • Employer to start with evidence in enquiry
    • Earned leave – object and entitlement
    • Challenging settlement after receiving of dues accruing out of it
    • Transfer – meaning and necessity of
    • Damages for unauthorised use of employer premises after cessation of employment
    • Gratuity – when cannot be stalled
  • Model Forms & Precedents
    • Pro-forma suggested for appointment letter to a probationer
    • Pro-forma suggested for charge-sheet to a workman for assaulting the security guard
    • Pro-forma suggested for a warning when an employee takes leave on false ground
    • Pro-forma suggested for acceptance of resignation with conditions
  • Provident Fund Update
  • Latest Amendments & Notifications
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation – Order – Mandatory filing of return in Form 5A online (25.2.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation – Circular – Mandatory filing of return in Form 5A online (25.2.2015)
    • Employees' Provident Fund Organisation – Reduction in rate of Administrative Charges (2.3.2015)
    • Revised Minimum Rates of Wages in Karnataka (w.e.f. 1.4.2015 to 31.3.2016)\
  • HR Workplace Solutions

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