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That every year about 45 million households get employment under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
That the world's largest spirits maker Diageo Plc. Has proposed an annual pay package of upto £10.9 million (about Rs.105 crore) for its newly appointed, Indianorigin, chief executive officer (CEO) Ivan Menezes.
That in Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), over 100 officials are facing probe for falsifying LTC claims.
That only one-fourth of the 12.46 crore eligible households took up employment under the UPA's flagship (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) NREGA job scheme in 2012-13.
That in order to receive benefit of LTC (Leave Travel Claim) an officer of PSU travelled from Port Blair to Mumbai via Dubai claimed Rs.131,653 in 2009 for the alleged travel for herself, husband and their daughter.
That Mahindra & Mahindra has removed more than 500 temporary workers at its Chakan plant on 15 July, 2013. That a clerk in Kerala technical education department and resident of Thiruvananthapuram is running 8 institutions including Travancore Engineering College and Mother India International Public School.
That India produces 4 lakh MBAs every year.
That over 3,734 children have been rescued from different districts of Delhi between July 2009 and June 2013.
That of the top-150 listed companies in India, only three opted for a woman chairperson.
That average salary of Bajaj Auto worker at its Chakan plant is Rs.25,000 per month.


  • Contract labour system can be carried on until prohibited by notification. Karn. HC 515
  • No provident fund contributions by school for contractor's bus staff. Del. HC 451
  • Misappropriation by bank officer is a grave and serious misconduct justifying dismissal.
    Gau. HC 556
  • Non-compliance of section 25F of ID Act renders termination illegal. P&H HC 513
  • Dismissal is justified for misappropriation and theft by an employee. Del. HC 492
  • Transfer of an employee of transferable post is an incident of service. Del. HC 456
  • Pujari  in a temple is not a 'workman' under ID Act. P&H HC 511
  • Limitation Act not applicable to industrial disputes. Karn. HC 477
  • Pleas of abandonment untenable when workman has sent a demand notice immediately on her termination. P&H HC 461
  • Forfeiture of gratuity for moral turpitude only on conviction. Karn. HC 484
  • Reinstatement appropriate when termination is violative of ID Act. P&H HC 461
  • Act of misappropriation not dissolved-making by deposit of money later on.
    P&H HC 463
  • Reinstatement not compensation appropriate when employer gives breaks in service to the part-time workman. P&H HC 537
  • Court can't reduce quantum of fine prescribed for violation of ESI Act.
    Supreme Court 449
  • Employees receiving wages from contractor not entitled to be employees of principal employer i.e. the school. Del. HC 451
  • It is prerogative of the employer as to who should be transferred.  Del. HC 456
  • Reinstatement with back-wages appropriate when enquiry is vitiated. Cal. HC 471
  • Even a part-time employee can't be dismissed without complying section 25F of the ID Act. P&H HC 537
  • Accident compensation by an ESI member can't be claimed from employer.
    Bom. HC 496
  • Mere designation of Branch Manager not to exclude her being ‘workman' when she was working as a clerk. Ker. HC 535
  • Death by sun stroke will be ‘accident' under Compensation Act. Jhar. HC 532
  • Termination for misappropriation by employee is justified. P&H HC 463
  • Termination of employee without charge-sheet and enquiry is illegal. P&H HC 461
  • Adverse inference appropriate when employer fails to produce attendance/ wages register and other service record. Del. HC 487
  • Quantum of punishment is within jurisdiction of disciplinary authority. Gau. HC 556
  • No relief to be granted if transferred employee fails to report for duty. Del. HC 456
  • Only industrial adjudicator to decide whether contract labour system is ruse/camouflage.
    Karn. HC 515
  • Deduction for union contribution not justified when employee is not a member.
    P&H HC 512
  • Dismissal for fraud not justified when other three accomplices were not punished.
    Supreme Court 485
  • Compensation not reinstatement appropriate when post was abolished. P&H HC 513
  • Enquiry to be vitiated when instead of allowing opportunity for cross-examination to the delinquent, Enquiry Officer himself asked questions. Del. HC 492
  • Appeal against Compensation Commissioner lies only on perversity.  Karn. HC 546
  • Asking employee to work from one machine to other is no change in conditions of service. Del. HC 456
  • Employee guilty of embezzlement loses confidence of employer. P&H HC 463
  • Contract labour can be sham when workers were performing jobs of perennial nature and contractors were changed. Karn. HC 515
  • Burden of proof lies on who has knowledge in support of his pleading. Del. HC 487
  • Deduction of wages only on written authorisation of employee. P&H HC 512
  • No misplaced sympathy when misappropriation and theft is proved. Del. HC 492
  • Burden to prove a plea is upon the party who pleaded before the court. P&H HC 511
  • Unless controverted unemployment, employer has to pay wages during pendency of proceedings. Guj. HC 501
  • Issuing appointment letter showing repeated breaks amounts to unfair labour practice.
    P&H HC 537
  • Mere denial of employer-employee relationship is not enough to oust the jurisdiction of the Labour Court. Bom. HC 549
  • Employees engaged by contractor are covered under provident fund. Ori. HC 473
  • Appeal against Controlling Authority lies only on deposit of decreed amount.
    Karn. HC 483
  • Artificial break in service amounts to unfair labour practice. Chht. HC 469
  • Transfer of an employee is justified when not  mala fide Bom. HC 498
  • Burden of proof lies on person who so pleads. Del. HC 487
  • There is no prohibition for blood relatives to be employer and employee. Karn. HC 543
  • An  ex-parte  Award to be set aside when employer not served summons. P&H HC 542
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